• A new version of Helvetica

    As seen in Six Word Story Every Day #118

  • Some new things. More of this coming soon…

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  • A new desktop background with some of my typedesign.


    as reminders: to do it now/ live in the now/ the time is now/ now or never

    Download a hires and use as your desktop background from my Flickr upload

    Originally used in six word story 106

  • Typeface film highlights the traditional technique of woodtype and printing. The documentary takes place mostly in the Hamilton Wood Type Museum .

    I feel lucky we were able to stop by for a  visit a few months ago. Check out my photos from the trip: Flickr set: Hamilton Wood Type 

  • Fubiz (@fubiz) is a french blog posting daily doses of inspiration. 

    Six Word Story Every Day was featured on the blog: read the post here.

    The project was also featured in their Typography Gallery

    See the entire six word story collaboration set on Flickr 

  • 102

  • On our drive back from Chicago to Minneapolis, we passed through Wisconsin and detoured for three hours to get to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The museum holds one of the largest collections of wood type in the world. 1.5 million pieces of wood type, and more than 1,000 styles and sizes of patterns. The museum is a fully functional workshop and educational venue. Many collections of antique printing technologies from the 19th, 20th and the soon-to-be-added 21st century wood type.

    Jim Moran is running the museum currently, printing and archiving. Jim Moran’s brother, Bill Moran is artistic director at the museum, but also runs a design/printshop studio in St. Paul, MN named Blinc Publishing. He also taught (teaches still, I think) my Typography One class when I went to MCAD.

    The minute we walked into the museum, we were put to work. Jim, along with Rick Griffith, were in the process of constructing one of the largest prints they’ve ever printed at the Hamilton Wood Type museum. It was for a sign they wanted to hang in the shop to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Hamilton Wood Type. Here are a few photographs of the process we helped out with. Very very cool to be involved in the printing of this!

  • personal experiment

  • Listen.

  • Designed the full set after having influence from what I designed in Six Word Story Every Day #80

    Could use more refinements but this is the basic fluid concept.

  • Typographic sketch for Six Word Story Every Day #41

  • Audebaud is a new typeface by Matt Desmond- he who I am working with, and is personally teaching me tons about type design.

  • Suomi is another name for the Finnish language or country, but it’s also the name of a Finish type foundry. I’ve clipped a few favorites. Check them out on MyFonts: Suomi

    Love the open type, alternatives & swashes & ligatures.

  • A good book a friend of mine owns. Lettering & Type by Bruce Willen & Nolen Strals, with a forward by Ellen Lupton. Nice details on lettering, type design and experimental typography.

  • Anyone interested in type design should own this book. I was lent a copy of it for a week but it definitely feels like one I will purchase and have around for forever.

    Designing Type by Karen Cheng