• Patterns / Anne Ulku

  • freshartistmgmt:

    Anne Ulku created a custom typeface for Indian Motorcycles new campaign with Chank Diesel and Colle + McVoy 

  • DESIGN magazine out of Taiwan published vol. 169, the Feb/March issue.
    Finally got to see the spreads. I don’t know what this says but hopefully it’s all good :)

    Credits go to many talented folks, project originators and writers on some of these pieces:
    Clark Patrick - headshot photo
    Chank Diesel - Crosstalk poster
    Michael Derus - Haikuglyphics
    Charles Youel - Six word story
    Van Horgen - Six word stories
    Karen To - originator of Deadwords
    Matthew Desmond - six word story pangram

  • Haikuglyphics: Landscape / Design by Anne Ulku
    Were I an artist
    I’d ask you to sit for me,
    cause you’re in the way

  • “Find your design idols—study. Find your design tools—experiment.”

    Designer Quest — Anne Ulku

    Read a short questionnaire I did for Design Feast Designer’s Quest(ionnaire)

  • Updates to my shop.

  • I commemorate this word through typographic illustration - for it is dead, forgotten, and no longer used in the English language. roblet: to lead astray


  • My good friend Clark Patrick created a blog featuring his favorite creatives, titled Clark Loves Me. Honored to know such a great, wonderful, kind and talented man, and so touched by the nice things he wrote about me. Have a look at all the talent he’s featured so far.

  • All the Animated Annemals

  • Build / process

  • Pokemon Battle Royale / Magneton / Anne Ulku

  • dancing glyphs - branding work in progress

  • Creation / Anne Ulku for Old & New Project

  • some recent in-progress script work

  • a variety of 4-color and 2-color prints for the CrossTalk event
    Printing by Burlesque