• Two finished logos for a water pipe inspection company and a new camera device they use to monitor clean pipes and sewers.

  • Avant-Garde

    I care immensely
    About not giving a damn.
    My name is Hipster.

    haikuglyphics.com / Anne Ulku

  • Fresh (heh) off the press. Letterpress business cards printed by Studio on Fire / silver metallic duplexed on Neenah classic crest with an inked edge. Logo design for Fresh Artist Management - my new agent / freshartistmgmt.com

  • Inspired by architecture and sculpture, this poster embodies the concept of the bicycle as a sculptural and kinetic art form that transports the character and essence of our city and environment.
    Anne Ulku / Artcrank Minneapolis 2013 / Gold bicycle

  • onlyfromthedistance: Anne Ulku



    Since graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Anne Ulku has become hot property in the Graphic Design world. Her work is bold and adventurous and her client list is enough to make any young creative green with envy.

    In an abundance of excellent projects, our personal…

  • Cautious Potato

    My inclination
    Is to err on the side of
    Not exercising.

    Haikuglyphics / Anne Ulku

  • I was pleasantly approached by Dwell Magazine to create custom lettering for their Made In America issue, to represent the Midwest.

  • Just finished a logo design for New York representation company, Fresh Artist Management. Here’s a snippet of the system.

    Also, very happy to announce that I recently signed on to be included in roster of representation by Fresh Artists Management, for illustration and design work. Thrilled to be a part and excited to see what great work comes of it!

    Website to launch soon!

  • Chop Talks

    "Baahhh bah. Baahhhhhhh bah bahh!"
    I imagine this is what
    Sheep convos sound like.

    Haikuglyphics / Anne Ulku

  • wooilikeit:

    Liquour Village by Anne Ulku

  • Haikuglyphics / Arachnophobia / Design by Anne Ulku

    I dream of world peace.
    I also dream of giant
    Spiders chasing me.

  • Each year the AIGA puts on Portfolio 1-on-1 in which design students come in and get their portfolios reviewed by working professionals. During the weekend, there are also workshops. I was excited to be able to co-host my second P1-on-1 workshop, along with Chank Diesel.

    Last year we held a font-making workshop. Students created letterforms from cut-paper shapes which was then made into a working font called Particulate. We also made a video to go along with, animated by Adam Tow.

    This year, the workshop was based more on process, collaboration and challenge in creating letterforms. Piles of material were provided – such as pins, tape, string, post-its, stickers, rope, wire, etc. Students were formed into groups and had to collaborate and plan out what their assigned letter would look like and with what materials they would use. When it was time to create, together they would get one minute to produce the letter on an easel while we documented the process through video.

    Our focus for the workshop was more on the creative process and planning collaboratively to create something. A process video of the students creating the letterforms will be releasing soon, which will be produced by Adam Tow.

    For now, these are some photos from the event.
    Photos © 2013 Jamie Valencour

  • Haikuglyphics / Advice for David

    To make a true friend,
    Find out what they most desire
    And help selflessly.  

  • The typeface I created with Chank, for Indian Motorcycles has been featured on the home page of Communications Arts today, with the great work by Colle+McVoy.

    Communication Arts: Indian Motorcycle Catalog

  • Haikuglyphics / The Mountebank / Design by Anne Ulku

    One can fool all folks
    Some of the time, but then One
    Should get out of town.