• Haikuglyphics / The Strong Quite Type / Design by Anne Ulku

    A wise man once said
    Absolutely nothing and
    It was for the best.

  • typeverything:


    “Great Day” by Anne Ulku.

  • Haikuglyphics / My Russell / Design by Anne Ulku

    This is my Russell.
    There are many dogs like her
    but this one is mine.

  • A sneak peek of my @artcrank poster, opening april 6

  • Haikuglyphics / The Judge / Design by Anne Ulku

  • Haikuglyphics / Do the Dew / Design by Anne Ulku

    You’re not more alive 
    Than me just cause you kayak.
    I drive a mustang.   

  • I have a solo show up right now in Minneapolis at the Chowgirls Parlor. All work will be up on the walls and for sale for the rest of March. Here’s the price sheet I organized. For more info… you’ll just have to swing by the gallery! Real pics of work on the walls coming soon.

  • Haikuglyphics / Avian Flew / Design by Anne Ulku

    Have you ever dreamed
    Of soaring high like a bird?
    Well you can’t. So stop.

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    (Source: rhymeswithpaparazzi)

  • Just got a copy of this in the mail! Playing With Type, 50 graphic experiments for exploring typographic design principles, by Lara McCormick, published by Rockport Publishers

    A couple spreads on the Six Word Story project including contributions by
    Anne Ulku
    Van Horgen
    Evan Stremke
    David Yurkanin
    Amy Rice
    Dylan Sneed
    Jeff Rogers
    Hardy Stewart

  • Script on sock

  • Haikuglyphics / A Brave New World / Design by Anne Ulku

    You ever notice
    How kids don’t make ash trays in
    Art class any more?

  • I can’t believe my nephew is turning ONE!
    Here’s the invite I did up for his first birthday celebration.
    Mini mustache bash, of course.

    More invites on my site, here: http://anneulku.com/INVITES

  • DESIGN magazine out of Taiwan published vol. 169, the Feb/March issue.
    Finally got to see the spreads. I don’t know what this says but hopefully it’s all good :)

    Credits go to many talented folks, project originators and writers on some of these pieces:
    Clark Patrick - headshot photo
    Chank Diesel - Crosstalk poster
    Michael Derus - Haikuglyphics
    Charles Youel - Six word story
    Van Horgen - Six word stories
    Karen To - originator of Deadwords
    Matthew Desmond - six word story pangram

  • Haikuglyphics / Thoughts on Humanity / Design by Anne Ulku

    I think that there are
    Three kinds of people out there,
    Not sure which three though.