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    Illustration by Anne Ulku

    (via Anne Ulku)

  • Working on the rebranding of Minneapolis shop, Martin Patrick 3.

    First item produced with the new logo — custom bike, built by Handsome.

  • Ideal Fashion Show / Logo for Toronto based fashion show in the spring

  • Haikuglyphics are currently on display in Minneapolis as part of group show “Nights & Weekends” at Light Grey Art Lab. Prints are on sale at the gallery and showing until October 18th.

    Nights and Weekends features a group of artists who have put in the long hours, committed to daily exercises, and transformed their passions into tangible and completed projects- a spectacular array of zines, comic anthologies, massive watercolor collections, self published books, and much, much more. All of these works have been created for the pure love of the project and furthering an artistic practice. In this show, we are not only celebrating their singular project, but the thoughts behind making, the collaboration, and the process.


    Anne Ulku and Michael Derus


    Haikuglyphics began in January 2013. Haiku writer Michael Derus and designer/illustrator Anne Ulku came up with the idea to create written poetry - haiku - in graphic form. The work is inspired by life, culture and experiences while juxtaposing concise thoughts and ideas. With Haikuglyphics, the ancient Japanese form of writing poetry has taken on a new turn in the form of illustrated, typographical designs that are appropriate and enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Have been working with a small team in Toronto who are putting on a fashion show titled Ideal Fashion Show. Here are some logo sketches

  • Haikuglyphics / Usage

  • Huge thanks to Design Work Life for featuring the Haikuglyphics project today!


  • freshartistmgmt:

    Illustrator and typographer Anne Ulku, along with the team at Colle + McVoy, created custom designs to help revamp and re-brand Farm Credit. 

  • Leading a workshop this evening on typography. Here are the designers, chalking the walk / Sioux Falls, SD

  • Badgeman

  • Aloha!

  • freshartistmgmt:

    Anne Ulku created a custom typeface for Indian Motorcycles new campaign with Chank Diesel and Colle + McVoy 

  • Republic Homes - My Dad, the handyman

  • A book project edited by John Bertram that uses images and essays to represent Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, particularly the relationship of a book to its cover. The project features over 50 new conceptual book covers and essays by many leading graphic designers, book designers and writers. I was honored to be asked to participate and design a cover for the story.

    Just recently a book was published of the collection of book covers and other passages. “Lolita: The Story of a Cover Girl”

  • If you had one wish 
    But couldn’t choose “more wishes”
    What would you wish for?